The rain held off for us at the fete today (23/6/2012) and we were given the opportunity to show the village how much fun scouting is.

Thanks to some great scout and parent helpers we held 5 water balloonthrowing contests throughout that afternoon.

The idea is simply  (and borrowed from the Salcombe Rotary Club North Sands Fun day).  You get a water balloon and have to simply pass it your team mate standing right next to you.

Then everyone takes a step back and you pass the balloon back again – then simply repeat until there is only one balloon left in the game.

The result is an excellent game to play and watch, with some great catches and some less lucky players who end up with a burst balloon ……

We hope everyone enjoyed the game and would like to thank everyone for joining in – over 140 balloons were sold during the afternoon and it looks like, due to popular demand, we may be back next year ….